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Monday Blues to TGIF

It was 10:30 am, and as usual, I was the only one on time, kinda justified because of the Monday Blues. Maybe I should be

Charu’s Inner Hunger Monster

This week started with a hangover of Christmas, and Vidhushi, our graphic designer, was chirpier than the regular days, “Is it because Jiko is on

Back to WFH

On Monday morning, Vidushi, our graphic specialist, came not only early but was the first to enter the office. Surprising right! Oh, Hello there, I’m

Say Hello! again to the Office

Hello, yet another week of working from home started on a lazy note, and another google meeting at 10 am, it was a happy one,

Welcome to our Mini-Hulk

So, this week began with Valentine’s day, well, for singles it was just regular Monday blues. Hello! from the most desirable bachelor of the office,

Jhinga & Jenga

What a feasty week it was, be it Charu trying Prawns for the first time or the homemade dried fish ‘Loitta’, we zomatoed and swiggyed


Thank you

Thank you .