On Monday morning, Vidushi, our graphic specialist, came not only early but was the first to enter the office. Surprising right! Oh, Hello there, I’m the Jai Veeru Creatives CCTV Camera, Samba.

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I witnessed the gossip session of Charu and Vidushi, in between, they called Jiko to know if he was coming. A second later, I captured Jiko’s wide smile, he answered his phone- “ Haan haan bas raste me hoon”, in his usual witty way. Well, I didn’t pay much attention to what they were talking about, I was quite busy focusing on the box full of soft and creamy Rasgullas he brought straight from the City of Joy, Kolkata. “ We would definitely plan an office trip to Kolkata someday,” Jiko suggested, just like the other imaginary trips we planned.

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The next day again, Vidushi entered the office first. Bravo! she’s on for a hattrick! Suddenly, Charu came in a hurry to tell Vidushi something. She looked a bit worried and said, “ What have I done?” “ What would he think of me?” in a serious tone. My mind started running in all directions to think of every possible outcome, but I would have never guessed it. She grabbed her phone and anxiously said, “I video called Jiko Sir at 6 in the morning today, what do I do now Vidushi? He would definitely think I’m an idiot or something,?” “Yes you are one,” Vidushi said while laughing. Well, even I would have been a bit scared and had the same reaction. When Jiko came, he didn’t even remember that. Overthinking is the worst! Isn’t it?

On Wednesday came the news that private offices have to shift to work from home. As the situation of the Covid-19 was bad enough, we all mutually decided to work from home.

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Oh, I’m gonna miss everyone, but no worries as I have one secret agent to keep an eye on them. Yes, my cousin, Gabbar (the laptop cam of Jiko), though he is younger than me, but what’s in the name, right! So, everyone transferred their files & had to take their systems to their homes. So now I had to hand over my daily diary to Gabbar, hoping he could complete it for me. Obviously, he can’t be as good as I am, but what choice do I have?

Hellooo people, Hi, I’m Gabbar, HAHA.. Kitne aadmi hai? Your new champ cam that’s gonna tell you all the juicy gossip and insiders of Jai Veeru through my lens. So the work from home started, with the first 10 am google meet. Vidushi, while struggling to open her eyes, joined last. Anoop commented, “ Be it office or home, Vidushi will never come on time”. Everyone on the meet, with their bare puffy morning faces, it seemed like they all had a hard time dragging themselves from their bed.

At the 6 pm meeting, they seemed quite energetic and looked much better than in the morning. Well, they might not look that good in pyjamas at their homes, they all had a productive week filled with creativity. Hope to be back to work from the office.   


Thank you

Thank you .