Say Hello! again to the Office

Hello, yet another week of working from home started on a lazy note, and another google meeting at 10 am, it was a happy one, as everyone congratulated Charu for her tikka ceremony, yes, my heartbroken cousin, Sambha, the Jai Veeru CCTV camera, told me about her engagement. Oh, forget to tell, I’m Gabbar, the laptop cam of Jiko, here on the mission to collect all the happenings inside Jai Veeru.

While at the meet, Jiko applied a cool alien background filter, and everyone did the same background throughout the meeting. Ausafh’s background was a bit different than usual, and noises were coming from behind, Anoop asked, “ Where were you? Definitely not at your house!” and Jiko added, “ Aaj ye Nani ke yaha se kaam kar rhi hai, haina” “ You went there to eat Nihari with Khameeri roti there, which you never brought for us even after telling you so many times”, Anoop Teased, and Ausafh shamelessly said, “ Yes Sir, I actually had it for breakfast, I’ll send you the picture”. The evening meeting was joined by all, except Ausafh, because of network issues. I still think she ditched the meeting to eat Chicken Biryani or Butter chicken, okay no more food talks, I’m craving now.

At the Wednesday morning meeting, there were some interruptions from Jiko’s side & everyone telling him, you’re not audible Sir, taking advantage of the moment Jiko started moving only his lips. After a full-fledged miming show, they realized he was moving his lips without uttering a single word. Well, I knew it from the beginning. Nothing remains hidden from me.

Just to lighten up everyone’s mood, Venkat introduced us to this little munchkin, his dog, “ Don’t go on his looks! He just looks innocent but gets on my nerves, ” he added. Oh, come on, how can something this cute, get on anyone’s nerves.

Throughout the week, there were small google meetings in between the day for efficient teamwork with a lot of screen sharing and even more WhatsApp pings on our office group the whole week.

So, this Friday, we got the news that private offices could open with 50 % staff. Venkat broke this news in Jai Veeru style by making a video message. Well, it was more of a Gabbar way with wide eyes, which started something like,“ Mere priye JV team vaasiyon…. And ended like Monday se sab log office me dikhne chahiye! Monday se! Kya samjhe?” His acting skills are on point, man! So from Monday again my cousin, Sambha, will be with you all, so let’s hope next time we meet, the reason wouldn’t be work from home. Bye to WFH, & Hello to the Jai Veeru Office.


Thank you

Thank you .